HMAS Tobruk (II) gives the Australian Defence Force an amphibious heavy lift capability. The ship is a multi-purpose troop and roll-on/roll-off, heavy vehicle carrier built by Carrington Slipways Pty. Ltd. at Tomago, near Newcastle, NSW. The design includes facilities for bow and stern loading, beaching, a drive-through capacity and inter-deck transfers via ramps.

Tobruk (II) can transport 18 tanks, 40 Armoured Personnel Carriers or 40 Australian Light Armoured Vehicles. The Vehicle Deck has been reinforced to enable the transportation of two Landing Craft Mechanical-8 (LCM-8) on specially designed cradles. In addition, two Landing Craft Vehicular Personnel units (LCVP) are secured by davits on either side of the superstructure. The ship’s roll-on/roll-off function is supplemented by 2 x 8.5 tonne capacity Favco cranes and a Velle derrick capable of lifting up to 70 tonnes. The amphibious role is enhanced by forward and aft helicopter decks, which can be operated simultaneously. Helicopters can also be refuelled on both decks.

Tobruk (II) can accommodate up to 300 troops for extended duration. In an overloaded state, the ship can provide accommodation for up to 520

  • Class: Modified Sir Bedevere Class
  • Type:  Landing Ship, Heavy (LSH)
  • Role:  Amphibious Warfare
  • Pennant: L 50
  • Motto: Faithful and Strong
  • Home Port: Fleet Base East
  • Builder: Carrington Slipways, Pty Ltd
  • Laid Down: 7 February 1978
  • Launched: 1 March 1980
  • Commissioned: 23 April 1981

Dimensions & Displacement

  • Displacement: 3353 tonnes (5791 tonnes loaded)
  • Length:127 metres
  • Beam: 18.3 metres
  • Draught: 4.9 metres


  • Speed: 18 knots
  • Range: 8000 nautical miles


  • Crew: 150


  • Machinery: 2 x Mirrlees Blackstone KDMR8 diesels


  • Guns:
    • 6 x 12.7mm machinge guns
    • 2 x Mini Typhoon 12.7 mm (for selected deployments)
  • Radars:
    • Kelvin Hughes Type 1006
    • Kelvin Hughes Type 1007
  • Helicopters: In support of Amphibious Operations (ranging from the Squirrel AS350-B to Chinook CH47)